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Responsive Web Design is a well thought approach devised to creating websites which provides the smoothest viewing experience - easy reading and effortless navigation with a least amount of panning, resizing or scrolling - across a broad range of devices that include mobile phones, laptops , tablets as well as desktop computer monitors.
Primarily the idea behind responsive website designing was created to address the constantly changing landscape of devices, screen sizes, browsers as well as orientations by creating very flexible, fluid and highly adaptive web sites. Instead of creating a desktop Web version adapted to all common screen resolutions, in addition to a particular mobile version the idea behind this is to approach the issue in a different way: use highly flexible as well as fluid layouts that adjust to almost every possible screen with ease.


WEBSYS has built over 100's of websites using responsive layouts - this includes websites for eCommerce startups , corporate and industrial organization or individual bloggers using Wordpress platform. Based on our vast experience , WEBSYS is compared amongst the topmost responsive website designers in Kolkata , India.

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