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At WEBSYS, our vision has always been to strive and find newer challenges in the field of Web development and use technology and knowledge to the fullest to create solutions for our customers, partners and professionals like you.
Each of us has an individual mission / goal and we endeavor to surpass such goals, so that we collectively can build trust for the people who come to us for their IT needs while searching for web development and SEO companies in Kolkata.
At WEBSYS, we believe that creativity comes from independence. A designer is allowed to evolve by himself, a programmer is encouraged to find out newer methods of solving problems, learn beyond his scope of work and is led to indulge in current trends. If you are looking to develop yourself as a person as well as a designer or programmer, and you want to do so in a growing company that provides a unique and refreshing working environment - then come join us. Apply


WEBSYS is Kolkata, India based Web Development and Digital Marketing company having its main focus towards client servicing through knowledge based solutions. Being an industry leader in total IT solutions, including Mobile Apps, Web Development, eCommerce integration and Digital Marketing, our aim has been to build relations and not customers, develop solutions to critical business problems and innovate and open new paths instead of following others.

WEBSYS ® founded in 2004 is a privately held organization. Headquartered in Kolkata, WB, India we have network presence across other states. Core Services include Web Development, Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps. Past clients includes PSUs & Government Departments, Large Corporates, Fortune 1000 companies and reknowned celebrities. As an 14 year old web development company, we are knonwn for excellence in design, high coding standards and staying on the top of SEO strategies while serving customers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Italy and Ireland. Being a leading SEO company in Kolkata India, we have also worked for hundreds of customers in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa , Assam, Delhi and various other parts of India.

Started our Journey - Featuredhost to WEBSYS

Originally operating under domain as a domain hosting reseller and freelance web designer our founder discovered more demand for professional web design company in Kolkata - thus giving birth to WEBSYS.

Small Team - Building Portfolio

As our team increased, we also developed our interests - hired programmers, started search engine optimization aka SEO services. Using Yahoo and MSN messenger & Nokia mobile - we acquired clients in UK & Kolkata alike.

Outsourced Work vs Growing Locally

During these years agressive marketing showered us extreme success internationally from outsourced projects. But we also set our foot firmly within Kolkata and other parts of India and worked extensively with large names in India viz. Tata, Birla, Aptech, IISWBM to name a few.

Digital Marketing & eCommerce boom

WEBSYS, now a well known name having served over 2000 projects jumps into eCommerce development. Helping clients maximise their reach via digital marketing and building eCommerce websites we carve out our goal for next years.

Mobile Apps and Software Development

Global shift towards Mobile applications and customer demands points us to the next milestone. Having built mobile and web based application softwares across sectors like Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment we look forward to more exciting prospects.
WEBSYS ® becomes a Registered Trademark of WEBSYS after being published in Trademarks Journal - Government of India